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Exploring in a Woody Marine Rigid Inflatable boat

13 September 2017

Exploring in a Woody Marine Rigid Inflatable boat Image

Exploring the Wonders of the Northern Territory in a Woody Marine Rigid Inflatable boat


Explore the ocean comfortably in a guided tour with the experts from Sea Darwin in a spectacularly comfortable and safe rigid inflatable boat. Sea Darwin recently commissioned a RIB boat from Woody Marine Fabrications boat manufacturers to use as part of their eco-tourism business service.


According to modern calculations, turtles have swum in the oceans for the past 200 million years, and we are proud to have contributed one of our RIB boats to enable our good friends at Sea Darwin to run these incredible tours.


Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory of Australia, is a fantastic location to discover our continent’s breathtaking natural beauty. The waters of this region are truly a sight to behold, and Sea Darwin has cruise vessels to allow our tourists to admire the inspiring surroundings, where they’re given an opportunity to travel within touching distance of wildlife they’d be unlikely to encounter if it wasn’t for companies such as Sea Darwin.

Eco-tourism with Sea Darwin offers once in a lifetime opportunities to come into contact with nature on Darwin Harbour, with one of the biggest draws being their sea turtle tours to Bare Sand Island. Witnessing these phenomenal creatures first hand is a humbling experience. 

These marine air breathing reptiles have lived in the oceans for the last 200 million years, serving as ancient animals that have stood the test of time. The tracks of these turtles indicate their path through nature, and with a migration pattern which can stretch up to 3000km, any opportunity to observe these wondrous creatures should be embraced with open arms.


Sea turtles are an integral part of the ecosystem in Darwin. The cultural and economic importance of the turtles island is a major contributor to tourism in the region, and has created a hub of enthusiastic global adventurers, which has only grown in popularity over the years.


Sea Darwin is a family based business that utilizes products which are eco-friendly, and they take pride in supporting the local area to showcase the incredible history, intrigue, and habitats of Darwin Harbour. Their attractions include the marine based Bombing of Darwin cruise, the award winning Sunset Fish’n Chips cruise, and the now famous signature Turtle Tracks product. These unique sunset experiences are run from within the comfort and safety and of our rigid inflatables on the Darwin Harbour, and we at Woody have recently manufactured a boat exclusive to Sea Darwin.


The 13m Flatback became the second vessel to be added to the Sea Darwin fleet in 2016, and was designed to enhance the experiences of tourists who are visiting the location from all around the world. This stunning boat is fitted with dual 12V fridges, and has the capacity to accommodate customers with fish and chips, beer, and wine, comfortably hosting extended excursions to see flatback turtles. The fully licensed sunset tour gives tourists the chance to learn about the war history and natural ecosystem of the area, while enjoying a relaxing day out.


If you have the spirit for adventure and desire visiting the Bare Sand Island turtles, disembarking on the 13m rigid inflatable boat on the interesting Turtle Track tour is the perfect way to appreciate nature, where you can relish the opportunity to see the turtles up close and personal in their natural habitat, particularly as they’re nesting. Whether you decide upon the Sunset Fish & Chips tour, which allows tourists to experience the famous Top End sunset in all its glory, or choose another of many diverse opportunities at Sea Darwin, one thing is guaranteed; you’ll enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity you’ll never forget..

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